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Bạn Ly của tớ do quá bức xúc về cách phụ vụ ở NUTZ BAR của khách sạn Sheraton Hanoi nên đã viết một bức thư dài ngoằng gửi lãnh đạo khách sạn này. Đáng chú ý là người quản lý dịch vụ nơi đây nói với khách rằng: "Hãy thông cảm cho chúng tôi vì những người phục vụ ở đây là người nhà quê và không được giáo dục". Vậy thì khách hàng phải trả tiền để tận hưởng những dịch vụ "nhà quê" và "vô giáo dục" trong một khách sạn 5 sao như vậy à?

Dưới đây là toàn bộ câu chuyện và nội dung bức thư:

Last night I met the manager and after giving him a verbal trailer of what's in the letter, Andrea - the manager expressed his wish to read the letter and promised to reply me personally on Wednesday night 6th June 07 .

Hanoi 30th May 2007




Until now I am still wondering why eventually it is me who goes through this task of experiencing, researching, summing up, translating, and writing evaluation of Nutz’s service through collecting complaints from a large representatives of Nutz’ frequent customers? Has there not been an expert who is paid to do this work by Sheraton?


1. Waitress: What would you like to drink?
Customer (friend of salseros): No, thanks
Waiter: I request you to order something
Customer: I don’t want a drink now
Waiter: Do you have the entry ticket? When you come here, you have to order drink, please show me your ticket.”
Customer showed the ticket and the waiter left.

2. Salsera and a friend both bought one entry ticket each. The salsera ordered 2 drinks according to the rules of the ticket and offered one drink to her lady friend. The lady has not touched the drink but a waiter already appeared and started preaching “Your right is to have two drinks, you have to finish these drinks. You are not allowed to offer your friend. Your friend has to order drink herself”. Both ladies were shocked, embarrassed and sat the whole night, couldn’t dance!

3. Couple walked in and found a table near the pizza area to sit and order dinner. Food came in, 2 minutes later while the wife and the husband were enjoying the conversation and the meal, a waiter shove a white piece of paper (bill it is!) in between the couple: “Please pay!”!!! At this point the couple was confused if they were expected to finish dinner and leave?

4. Salsera was dancing and one waiter approached, pointed to a chair by a table: Is that your bag?
Salsera: yes
Waiter: I request you to put the bag in the cloak room
Salsera: Is that compulsory? I have many things in the bag like phone and money that I would use in middle of the dances
Waiter: We have spent our money to build a cloak room for you customers so that your bags don’t make our bar ugly, please use it. Look around, if everybody put the bags like you do how will our bar look like?
Salsera (looked around): Yah, everybody put the bags here, why can’t I?
Waiter: Because we want this seat for other customer!
Salsera: I don’t understand? I paid to come in!
Waiter: I know you are our frequent customer, you always come here and dance, that’s why I know you never sit, so please take your bag so other people can sit!!!
Salsera: I don’t think so!
Waiter (leaves while threaten): if something of yours is lost don’t complain!

5. The same salsera complained to Tanya the manager. This is the answer:
Nutz Manager: Oh I am sorry. I understand your point. But please be sympathy that our waiters are all villagers, they are not well educated.. that’s why they are like that. I promise to look into this matter!

6. Parking lot of Nutz:, mid night: Two friends showed the motorbike ticket to get the motorbike out. However, the watchman realized the plate number on the ticket didn’t exactly match the bike’s and refused to let the bike out. The friends proved their ownership of the motorbike by showing the bike’s key, registered paper, id card.. but the watchman refused to acknowledge. After 1 hour of argument, the bike owner requested the watchman to find the motorbike with exact plate number written on the token. The watchman couldn’t find that bike, and the bike owner requested to proceed to the manager of the hotel for lost of property, Watchman quickly agreed to let the motorbike out.

7. When a salsero walk in Nutz, look around, there will be absolutely no seat. Every single chair and table are with the sign “reserved for Mr. Hung” or “Reserved for Mr. Bau”. From 8pm -9.30pm since there is no Mr. Hung or Mr. Bau around those seats, salsa dancers still humbly used those seats to put their belongings while dancing. Not many dare to sit, of course, if don’t want to be taught a lesson by Nutz’ representatives.
9.30PM, salsa music was still on.

Waiter: Please take your bag out and put in the cloak room so we can use these seats for our customers.
Salsera: And.. am I not your customer?
Waiter: Well, these customers (pointed at one young man) have booked these seats.
Salsera to young man: Hi, is that true?
Young man to waiter: no no I didn’t, if she is sitting here already please let her sit, I should go somewhere else.
Waiter (angry): Please remove your bag out of here. These seats are reserved.
Salsera: When the person come, I will remove it.
Waiter: If you don’t agree with us, you can see our manager!
Salsera: Thanks! Can I see your manager?
Waiter (pointed to the toilet): S/he is over there
Salsera: Sorry. Please invite he/him here.
Waiter: No you go and find him/her
Salsera: I think that’s your job
Waiter: You remove your bag first!
Salsera: I’d like to discuss that with your manager first!

Result: No mangager was invited because this representative of Nutz refused to!

And few examples of comments dancers and non dancers, Vietnamese and international customers of Nutz:

1. “.. You never mentioned how utterly terrible the DJ is who takes over after the 10pm Salsa curfew, he's got to be one of the worst DJs I've ever seen in terms of reading a attempt to keep the mood flowing...salsa is whipped off instead of being mixed through something sexy sounding like a bit of raggaeton, onto to dancehall, onto R&B or Hip-hop...instead he crashes in making an appearence with crap, crap, crap commercial rave music.

As for the Sheraton management, they seem to have missed one of the economic plus points of the Salsa dancing...”

2. “..I don't think I would want to go there any more... it's true that the waiter/waitresses are not so friendly (maybe only to my husband.. not to me)..”

3. “..My question: why are salsa dancers keep coming there (Nutz)?..”

4. “..I think the waiters are used to serve expatriates that’s why they can speak politely in English, and perhaps that’s why they forgot how to speak Vietnamese.. No doubt why you guys (customers) think they did not learn how to communicate with customers”

5. “..With a bar that is under a 5 star hotel, if I was you I would tell the waiter that I am not happy with his service, ask his name and request to meet the manager. You pay money to have fun and drink there, you have the right to request a better service that match the amount you spend..”

6. “..If not because of Ara and Anton (Salsa instructors at Nutz), I would banned Nutz long time ago.. Just the matter of time”


Here are several questions that ex and present frequent dancers at Nutz would like to ask Sheraton:

1. Why can’t salsa dancers bring their bags inside Nutz and other customers can?
2. Why can’t salsa dancers sit and other customers can even when they don’t reserve the seat?
3. Why drinks on ticket have to be ordered before 10pm?
4. Why customers are not assisted by Sheraton representatives to meet managers?
5. Why do customers pay 5 star and international standard money and are expected by Sheraton to be sympathy with its “villager” and “uneducated” service (exact terms used by Nutz Manager)?
6. Why does Sheraton organizes Salsa nights, salsa lessons, salsa competitions but no salsa dancers are allowed to sit at all in the dance venue and are negatively and openly discriminated compare to other customers? Are salsa dancers expected or not expected to come?
7. Why do customers pay the same price for entry ticket and get 1 hour less of salsa party? (reduced from 11pm to 10pm).
8. Why there is no prior warning from Sheraton to dancers about the above changes?


Available at negotiable rate.


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Phan Y Ly
Vietnam Salsa representative

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  1. Hieu duoc chet lien` e' :( Dua chu doc duoc I. xong ko doc nua, song ngu di anh oai. The cuoi cung la nhan vien Nutz rat bo lao dung ko. Oi minh gioi qua :">

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  2. copy ve blog minh cai. thx Frankie in advance ;)

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  3. what the hell service is, there are some guys working at 5 star hotel and thinking that they are at very premium level, their service is exclusively for foreigners, that is why.
    in conclusion, it is the bullshit service, dont drop yr spare time there anymore

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  4. Oh my God...couldn't believe it! That's why Vietnam's tourism, especially Hanoi's is still undeveloped...

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