Thứ Sáu, 29 tháng 12, 2006

Frankie harrassed repeatedly: spokeswoman

DJ Frankie has been harrassed repeatedly via mobile phone in passing weeks, Frankie's spokeswoman said Saturday, added that the harrassing mobile phone numbers have been reported to cultural security force as well as telecommunication providers. "These numbers are being tracked", security source said.

"He started receiving several harrassing SMS right on the first day in Vietnam. Some of the messages were really cheesy", Frankie's spokeswoman said. The security force also disclosed the harrassing numbers late Saturday. They are: 0977960..., 0984299..., 0908935..., 0937073..., etc.

It was hard to reach this handsome DJ. Finally, he was caught having dinner with a hot and sexy lady (probably his girlfriend) at a street food stall near Ben Thanh market, source said Saturday night. "I have no idea on this incident", Frankie said with smile, "I hope those people (who harrassed me) would see me and tell me what they want. They might be my fans and tried to listen to my (sexy) voice. I wish they were teen girls". The "sexy" DJ immediately received a sharp-like-knife from his girlfriend.

He added before rushing away: "I always open my arms to all of my fans. I love them and I know they love me too".

Frankie will publish his book titled "How to be a star" next year.
It is predicted to be the best seller of 2007. He will also release his second album named "Người đẹp chai sẽ gặp người chai mặt" with 10 songs composed by himself.

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  1. bok tem 1 cái blog siêu bựa!

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  2. bok tem 1 cái blog siêu bựa!

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  4. Oh my number has not been in ur list. Poor me!
    Sth crazy in this entry. is it ur job-ill (exactly)??? =))
    When will ur book release? I really want to read it. Dude B-) Give me one, bro! ;)
    Wish u all best, the reporter, DJ, call-boy,.. Frankie! ;)

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  6. đẹp chai như travip cơ mà
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